Gardena Below Ground Drip Irrigation Line 1/2

Gardena Below Ground Drip Irrigation Line 1/2

Gardena 1389

The 1/2" (13.7 mm) diameter Gardena 1389 Below and Above Ground Drip Irrigation Line is designed to be installed underground to make it invisible and is purposed for the irrigation of lawn areas and bordering plants. Drip head are spaced every 30 cm and gently drip 1.6 l/h. They are also are self-sealing so that they do not get filthy in storage.

They also feature a root blocker to prevent roots from penetrating the pipe. When using a Master Unit in the middle, the line can be extended using the Extension Set Art. No. 1395-20; to a maximum length of 200 metres. To ensure even irrigation, the water pressure is the same everywhere in the Drip Irrigation Line. The 50 metres long Drip Irrigation Line comes ready-to-connect with the Master Unit 1000, 1 End-piece and 1 T-Joint.