Gardena Water Control Select

Gardena Water Control Select

Gardena 1891

Automatic irrigation with Water Control Select

The Gardena 1891 Water Control Select takes care of watering your plants fully automatically. Automatic watering is a great help for garden or balcony maintenance, especially if you are away a lot or want to make your day more flexible. The Water Control Select is connected directly to the water tap and then your Gardena hose is also attached, which leads to the garden areas needing water. You can use it, for example, to connect a sprinkler, a Micro-Drip drip irrigation or an underground sprinkler system. It's possible to set up to three different watering schedules on the detachable control panel. Just programme the start time, watering duration and weekdays for each programme using the large, intuitive setting button. Each programme can be set for a watering duration from 1 minute to 7 hours and 59 minutes. The three programmes are visible on the LCD display. Various useful functions of Water Control Select make it even easier for you, for example, a screen lock prevents you from accidentally changing a setting. If you only need a bucket of water, you can get water directly from Water Control Select thanks to the Water Now function. The Safe-Stop technology ensures that the next watering session is not started if the battery level is too low. This way the water flow never runs uncontrolled. In addition, a Soil Moisture Sensor can be connected to Water Control Select - this is practical if you want to water the garden as efficiently as possible. If the Soil Moisture Sensor indicates that the soil is still damp, Water Control Select skips the next watering cycle. This ensures that watering only takes place when it is necessary. Sometimes it makes sense to prepare the soil for the actual irrigation with a shorter pre-irrigation. This is exactly what the Gardena Water Control Select with its various programmes is ideally suited for. It reliably takes care of the garden watering. Water Controls. The full portfolio with innovative features for automatic and water-saving garden irrigation.

Irrigation settings:
Watering cycles per day: 3
Watering duration: 1 min to 7 h 59 min
Watering frequency: individual selection of irrigation days

Energy supply:  9V alkaline battery (not included)
Sensor connection: Yes
Operating pressure Min: 0.5 bar
Operating pressure Max: 12 bar