Gardena Water Timer EasyControl

Gardena Water Timer EasyControl

Gardena 1881

The Gardena 1881 EasyControl water timer is your small electronic assistant and it makes garden irrigation a breeze whether you are suing sprinklers or a drip irrigation system such as Gardena’s Micro-Drip-System Sprinklersystem. The Water Computer is connected directly to the tap and reliably regulates your selected duration and frequency of irrigation. Your plants will never suffer from the fact that you forgot to water them on a daily basis or because you are away on a vacation. The control panel can be conveniently removed for easy settings adjustments. Programming is so easy you’ll be able to do it without a manual. Four keys = four watering functions: duration, frequency, start time and confirmation. The Water Computer’s simple to read display allows you to see your programed settings at a glance. Once you’re done, simply put the control panel back on the unit.

Once you have selected your program settings, the computer will precisely control the watering program you have created. Now, all you have to do is enjoy yourself! Your EasyControl unit will operate reliably for about one year on a 9 V alkaline battery (not included) and a low battery alert will be displayed when it’s time to replace it. Optional, you can also attach a Rain Sensor or Soil Moisture Sensor to the Water Computer so that it knows not to irrigate when it rains or if the soil is already moist enough, allowing you to save valuable water resources.