Gardena Endline Drip Head, pressure equalizing

Gardena 8310

The Gardena 8310 pressure-equalizing Endline Drip Head is a system designed to irrigate plants on inclines or longer drip-system lines and is suited for plants with similar water requirements.

2 litres per hours are consistently dripped, independently of the pressure (0.5 - 4 bars). The membrane/labyrinth technology guarantees a long and reliable operating life. The Endline Drip Head seals itself when it is switched off. To irrigate single plants, twist the Endline Drip Head into the end of a 3/16” (4.6 mm) Supply Pipe. Using the Gardena 8322 Installation Tool, the 1/2” (13 mm) Connecting Pipe can be bored to directly mount the Endline Drip Head.

10 Endline Drip Heads per box