Gardena Shrub-care Glove

Gardena Shrub-care Glove

Gardena 218

For work with shrubs and thorny plants

These gloves protect and look great. Work on shrubs and thorny plants can be performed without pricks and other injuries. The GARDENA Shrub-care Gloves have special features: reinforced, robust fingertips protect the fingers while trimming and gripping. The palms and the backs of the fingers are safely protected by robust fabric material. This design is especially helpful when you need to carry thorny or sharp cuttings. No more sweaty hands: the selected material quality is breathable! As the Shrub-care Gloves have extra-long cuffs, not only your hands and wrists are well protected, but your lower arms as well. The special and premium-quality working of the thumbs allows delicate work when caring for shrubs and thorny plants. These gloves give the assurance of being able to work carefully and being protected at the same time.

Non-toxic materials

GARDENA quality means non-toxic. All materials guarantee pleasant wearing comfort and a long life.

Optimal wearing comfort

The excellently worked thumbs give a perfect fit and allow delicate work when trimming and gripping. The special material selection on the backs of the hands guarantees breathability and prevents sweaty hands.

High safety

Selected, protecting and robust materials in the palms and on the backs of the fingers protect against injuries when working with shrubs and thorny plants.

Additional protection

The long cuff offers optimal protection on the wrist and lower arm as well.

Robust and protective

Optimal protection, best safety: reinforced and robust fingertips give optimal protection during work.

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