Gardena Water-proof Gloves

Gardena 209

For all pond- and cleaning work

Wherever you work with water, e.g. while cleaning ponds and pumps, or rinsing compost containers, The Gardena 209 & 210 water Gloves are the right helpers. They guarantee clean hands even with wet and dirty jobs thanks to the robust, non-slip and waterproof coating. The surface structure gives an optimal grip. Nothing slips, everything well in hand. And your hands stay dry thanks to the waterproof material. The cotton lining gives additional wearing comfort.

Non-toxic materials

GARDENA quality means non-toxic. All materials guarantee pleasant wearing comfort and a long life.

Modern, attractive design

The Water Gloves are not only high-function but also attractive in design and perfect in fit.

Optimal wearing comfort

Wherever there is work and sweat, with a simultaneous high demand on wearing comfort, GARDENA guarantees durable and pleasant fabric quality, non-toxic materials and a non-slip surface structure.

Convincing functionality

The waterproof and non-slip latex coating guarantees dry and clean hands while working in water and dirt. The non-slip glove palms allow an optimal grip while working with water.