Gardena Above Ground Drip Irrigation Line 3/16

Gardena 1361

The Gardena 1361 surface drip irrigation line is used for watering small areas of plants in flower or vegetable gardens and rows of plantations.

The dripper spacing is 12" (30 cm) along the pipe, each dripper gently discharging 1.5 l/h. Thanks to the innovative labyrinth membrane technology, the drippers are self-cleaning. The small diameter of 3/16" (4.6 mm) makes the drip irrigation line particularly flexible and easy to install. Equipped at its center with an irrigation unit, the drip irrigation line can be extended by a 2nd line, up to a maximum length of 100' (30 meters).

The drip irrigation line is ready to use, supplied with a 1000 irrigation plant and plugs. Its length is 49' (15 meters).