Gardena Micro-Drip Starter Set

Gardena Micro-Drip Starter Set

Gardena 1399

The Gardena 1399 Micro Drip Starter Set is used for drip irrigation is flexible enough for various other uses.

Whether it’s 20 vegetable plants, 10 terrace plants, 5 metres of flower boxes, or 10 shrubs, this starter set is the perfect introduction to the Gardena Micro-Drip-System.

The components in this set allow you to easily assemble and extend an irrigation system that conveniently waters your plants. Thanks to the patented “Quick & Easy” connection technology, you can quickly and easily plug and unplug all parts.

The set includes :

1 Master Unit 1000
15 meters of Connecting Pipe
15 meters of Supply Pipe
20 Inline Drip Heads 2 l/h
10 Adjustable Endline Drip Heads (0 - approx. 20 l/h)
10 Reducing T-Joints
5 End Caps 1/2"
2 End Caps 3/16"
10 Pipe Pegs 3/16"
1 cleaning needle