Gardena Water Control Master

Gardena 1834

For individual, automatic, and water-saving irrigation

The Gardena 1834 Water Control Master offers you many options for irrigating your plants in the garden. Automatic garden watering means more free time for you, and an optimal water supply for lawn, flower beds or shrubs. You connect the battery-operated water control directly to the water tap and then connect the garden hose to the water outlet. Up to six irrigation schedules are available, all working independently from each other. Adjust the individual watering selection to the needs of your plants. Up to six different connection devices can be time-controlled with the separately available Water Distributor automatic, The innovative turn-and-push feature makes it easy to set the flexible schedules on the easy-to-read LCD screen in ten different languages. In just a few steps, you can set the start time, the length and the interval of the irrigation. The weather-resistant control unit of the garden irrigation system is detachable and the battery level is displayed at all times. Using the Water Control Master you adapt to bad weather phases and either reduce the watering duration centrally in 10% steps or suspend it for 1 to 9 days. The Water Now function allows you to draw water from the tap without having to remove the control unit. Thanks to the Safe Water Stop technology, the next watering session won't start when the battery power is low in order to prevent uncontrolled water leakage. If you want to save water in the long term, you can connect the Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor directly to the unit. The sensor detects whether the soil is still moist enough so that, if necessary, a planned irrigation does not start. The Water Control Master is a quality product, made in Germany. Water Controls: The full portfolio with innovative features for automatic and water-saving garden irrigation.

 Irrigation settings:
Watering cycles per day: 6
Watering duration: 1 min to 4 h
Watering frequency: individual selection of irrigation days 

Energy supply: 9V alkaline battery (not included)
Sensor connection: Yes
Operating pressure Min: 0.5 bar
Operating pressure Max: 12 ba