Drip Irrigation

Install your micro-irrigation system in 10 steps

Your seedlings are ready to be transplanted, you have drawn your plan and bought the parts accordingly: it is time to take action. Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary parts. Just like an electrical circuit, if a room is missing, the entire system will be paralyzed. Think about it! Install the … Continue reading “Install your micro-irrigation system in 10 steps”

Drip Irrigation

How to plan your micro-irrigation system

At this stage, you have decided to make micro-irrigation the ideal irrigation technique to meet your needs. You are almost ready to take action! Do not be intimidated by the technical installation of the system and start with a plan. No need for artistic skills to make your plan, simple scribbles will do. The important … Continue reading “How to plan your micro-irrigation system”

Gardening with the seasons

Preparing Seedlings for Planting

Before even thinking about installing your micro-irrigation system, you must first prepare your seedlings. This first step certainly challenges our green thumbs and patience. If the vibrant sunshine of spring invites us to put out into the open air what has hibernated for too long, it is not always synonymous with the thawing of the … Continue reading “Preparing Seedlings for Planting”

Micro irrigation A to Z

Explaining the parts and pieces of Gardena’s Drip Irrigation System

Explaining Gardena Drip Irrigation System parts and pieces In the previous article “What’s Drip Irrigation?”, we have demystified the how-tos of drip irrigation also commonly known as micro-irrigation. Being a particularly-effective and sustainable solution to water waste, drip irrigation is the most important innovation in the watering industry. While the timer automatically distribute the amount … Continue reading “Explaining the parts and pieces of Gardena’s Drip Irrigation System”

Micro irrigation A to Z

What is Drip Irrigation?

Watering one’s garden, flowerbed, flower pots, small shrubs, or tomato plants, one drop at a time, may seem impossible. However, micro irrigation, also known as drip irrigation, is a well-known process that saves limited resources such as time and water. Since the invention of sprinklers in the 1930s, micro irrigation is the most important innovation … Continue reading “What is Drip Irrigation?”